Foreigner Loan

p4Not being in your home country is never an easy task. Lack of family support, a new environment, language and culture barriers; all these issues affect the
typical foreigner.

Perhaps you are transitioning to a new job, or moving into a leased apartment. A shortage of funds is not unusual in these circumstances. Jefflee’s foreigner loans are specially catered to foreigners in Singapore. We issue loans of various sizes for all needs. If you require a sum of money to tie you through a tough transition time, we can help!

Worried about harsh repayments? Fear not! Our foreigner loans offered typically have low interest rate, and we work with our borrowers to adjust interest rates to reasonable levels so that they can most importantly manage the loan repayment. Our track record in the industry for foreigners is stellar, for this reason, foreigners approach us time and again as their preferred choice for obtaining a loan.

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