Business Loan

p3Starting a new business and sustaining a business can be a daunting task. Financing is a buzzword in these scenarios. Financing in terms of working capital, investment, ongoing business costs is crucial.

There is no shame in needing a loan to keep your business alive. Cashflow can mean the difference between business sustenance, making a profit and closing down the business. Jefflee Credit being the licensed money lender has the financial muscle to aid you in getting your first business loan approved in record time. Other financial institutions such as banks may not extend a loan to your business mostly due to credit standing. We carefully evaluate your businesses financial profile and risk of lending, and propose to you the most optimal loan package.

Approach us to enquire on the business loan, we can provide business loans that cater to most business sizes. Regardless of whether you are paying off a supplier, paying a business fine, or keeping a business line of credit, our loan solutions will see you through this tough period, and keep you competitive in your market.

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